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  • Please have players ready to start right on time. Sportsworld will run the clock.
  • Teams can play 7 plus a goalie. 5 players over and 2 players back.
  • Only draw at the beginning of each half.
  • MIDDLE SCHOOL GAMES=modified checking.
  • If a team does not have a goalie-THEY MUST go to the front desk and check out equipment. A field player must suite up. Refs will not wait for that player to get dressed. Game will start without a goalie.


    • Player sits out 2 minutes. 
    • Team does NOT play down.
  • 2nd YELLOW CARD (for same player in a game)  
    • Player does not go back in game. Name is reported to Sportsworld and player is spoken to.
    • Team plays down for 2 minutes
  • 2nd YELLOW CARD (for more than one player on the same team in same game) 
    • Players with multiple cards do not go back in game. Names are reported to Sportsworld and players are spoken to.
    • Team plays down one player for remainder of game. 
  • 1st RED CARD 
    • Player does not play the rest of the game. Player immediately reports to front desk at Sportsworld.  
    • Team plays down a player for remainder of game. 
  • 2nd RED CARD in a given season
    • Player must sit out the next game.
  • Multiple RED and/or YELLOW cards in a given game
    • Official reserve the right to stop the game for the safety of the players. 


Thank you for your cooperation,

Sportsworld Lacrosse