Sports World Football Club (SWFC)

NEW ENGLANDS Newest Soccer Club

Our mission is to create a quality soccer experience using a cooperative learning environment that focuses on the positive. Assisting players development in promoting technique, tactical understanding, physical fitness and mental strength, we aim to educate and promote positive character development. Our goal is to provide our players and coaches an opportunity to grow in the game and be recognized as a competitive program within Connecticut and Region I.

We will achieve our mission, and thereby continue to enhance to value of the soccer programs to Sports World and promote soccer in the North Central Connecticut and Western Massachusettes communities.

We plan to do this playing quality, creative attack oriented soccer, where the team utilizes the collective efforts of all the individuals to accomplish the desired results. Team play will be emphasized, but individuals will be encouraged to display their talents. Academic performance standards and social responsibilities must be maintained in order to participate, in this way we are preparing players for life beyond playing competitive soccer. Innovative programming is essential to the community outreach efforts, volunteering and development of initiatives is critical to expanding awareness and game attendance from outside our Sports World community.

We have a commitment to excellence.

We seek to accomplish every task in such a manner, that it is done as well as it can be, reflecting quality and attention to detail at every stage; from inception, to planning, to execution.